Welcome to Innovations Online Blog Post – We’re glad you found us!

Here is where you can find out what has been happening in theae21fda07180ba15025da0570dfd93d4 copy TLA Innovations Online programs.  This blog centres around the projects, learning, information and…let’s face it, the FUN we have in the Innovations Online!

To find out more information about the three cohorts, click on the title in the menu bar above.  There you’ll find a short description of the program written by the coordinator of the cohort.

Finished projects will be shared in the Project Gallery and added as they are completed.  Previous academic years will be found on the Archives page in the drop down menu under the Project Gallery heading in the menu bar.

Student-authored posts are easily found by selecting the cohort they belong to from the Categories menu in the right-hand column.  So for instance, if you are looking for posts authored by students in the gr. 8/9 cohort, simply select that category.  All posts written by these students or pertaining to this cohort will appear.  Alternatively, you can use the search feature to search for the first name of a specific student.  For privacy purposes, some students use initials or nick-names so you may not find their first name in a search.

Meet our mentor-teachers and find research related to the teaching/learning style this program is centred on by going to our From the Teacher’s Desk page.  You’ll find bios and links to articles there.

Teacher-authored posts can be found by selecting the From the Teacher’s Desk category from the Categories menu in the right-hand column (please note this is a different location from going to the From the Teacher’s Desk page in the menu bar above).  There is only one mentor-teacher post each week – unless we are super-excited about something and just can’t help ourselves!   Throughout the year we aim to publish four topically themed serial posts which can be found as links on the From the Teacher’s Desk page in the menu bar above.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Please feel free to contact us, we’d be glad to help you!





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